Saturday, 31 October 2015

October photo diary '15

I think I'm going to start trying to do photo diaries every month/every other month because I actually really enjoy putting them together and reminding myself what I've been doing throughout the month.

October has been filled with uni work (so much, help), food, and trees, because autumn (and because I love trees in general).

Here's my month in photos:

First day of the month I had a 9am library session (why do I do this to myself), followed by coming home and eating cereal before a lecture and seminar.

(My favourite snapchat filter thingamajig evaaaaa).

Booked tickets to see one of my favourite bands next month.

Charlie came over and we made Tom and Jerry cupcakes from a box mix and they tasted great (used to make these with my Grandma when I was little).

Attempts to avoid illness throughout autumn/winter.

Two of the albums I've been listening to most this month.

One of many autumnal walks to Cannon Hill.

Much reading.

Also booked tickets to see 5sos next year.

Many vegetables and catching up on sunbeamsjess' vlogtober (would definitely recommend (her videos are my favourite)).

I went to a 'Book to the Future' event with my friend Becky, where we heard the incredible Laura Bates speak about the Everyday Sexism Project (Book to the Future is my university's literary festival).

I've also been listening to That's The Spirit all month.

Quick and simple dinner: sweet potato, sweetcorn, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and mayo (for those who like good food but hate cooking (me)).

(All I do is read right now).

My friend Ruth came up for an open day and we had the nicest cakes ever. This is a cheesecake blueberry muffin and ughhhhhhhhh. You need this.

I booked a spontaneous trip home the night before Ruth's open day, so we got the train home together, where I was reunited with the dogs (and my mum of course). I was there for 24hrs and spent most of that time with a dog at my feet (I miss them all the time).

Mug cakes might not look like the most appetising things but they are greaaaaaat. My flatmate Hayley has a recipe book full of them and we're making our way through them. This is a blueberry muffin. It was good.

When you haven't done washing in a while and you need to wash your bed sheets too and end up needing three washing machines oops. Adult responsibilities are boring.

Milkshake catch up with my best pal. Charlie had Daim, I had KitKat.

When you're on page 502 of the worst book you've ever read and it's still not over for another 80 odd pages (English at uni seems like a good idea until you're stuck with a book you learn to loath).

Tori Kelly's album finally came out in the UK and I loooooove it.

The morning after green tea in an attempt to feel alive again ft. fairy lights reflection.

Ruth came to stay for the weekend and we made cookies and went to the new Pets at Home store that's opened where I live and we concluded that we need more animals in our lives (how cute is the chinchilla though). We also went out for strawberry milkshakes and watched films because we were too tired to do anything else.

Our pub quiz team at home could definitely use some help from this book.

Campus in autumn is beeeeautiful.

Hayley and I cooked korma and it wasn't bad wooooooo (tasted amazing).

This is how the majority of all my days are spent. Reading, annotating, critical reading. Repeat.

Started reading Dracula a few days before Halloween (how appropriate).

Really loving 5sos' new album; this song is beautiful.

Pizza Express made our dough balls into pumpkins for Halloween (how cool?!).

Chloe came down to Birmingham on Friday to celebrate Halloween with Charlie and I; the makeup she did on me was sooooo gooooood.

Until next time.

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