Monday, 12 October 2015

Song of the week #37

The Maine are one of my favourite bands, and the reason for that is songs like this. I think I did a song of the week on Ugly on the Inside at some point, and this track has a message somewhat similar but portrayed in a unique way. Am I Pretty? features on the band's most recent album, American Candy (which is amazing would recommend), and basically it's great.

The middle eight is hands down the best part of the song, and I think it would sound so lovely live with the crowd singing along - 'there's beauty and grace in the flaws of your face, all candour and style in the crook of your smile'. So despite acknowledging how everyone is obsessed with how they look, and more to the point, how everyone else thinks they look, the song pushes past that and expresses that everyone possesses beauty. It's the nicest message and I think it's so refreshing to hear.

Really hoping The Maine will play this one when they're on tour with Mayday Parade early next year.

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