Monday, 19 October 2015

Song of the week #38

I hadn't really gotten into much of Bring Me The Horizon's music prior to the release of their most recent album, That's The Spirit. But this album. I can't stop listening.

My favourite song would have to be Follow You, although I really love Drown too. The overall tone to the song is pure desperation and a strong sense of hopelessness; it's like giving into all your demons. 'You can drag me through hell if it meant I could hold your hand' shows the willingness to do anything for someone, and everyone feels that way at some point.

The instrumentation compliment the lyrics perfectly all throughout the song, forming a kind of tragic beauty. It's such a dramatic song and it's brought out so much in all the crescendos and diminuendos, just showing the constant ups and downs.

If you were to listen to any one song from this album, I'd recommend this one.

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