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Unbreakable Smile - Tori Kelly: album review

Tori Kelly's debut album, Unbreakable Smile has finally been released in the UK and I love it. It is an album of beautiful lyrics. The whole thing just sounds so intricately put together and I can't stop listening to it.

Unbreakable Smile is the perfect name for this album, and I think it represents the tone throughout really well, with this song being very central to the album as a whole. 'The way you live your life depends on you' is such a strong lyric, and when you think about it, it's true; your life is as good as you try to make it. I love the theme of self assertion and being who you are and not compromising your beliefs for anyone. One of my favourite songs on this album.

I really like the lyric video for Nobody Love; it's so innovative and different. And the song is just as great as the visual representation. I like the overall sound and I think each part blends well into the next, showcasing Tori's vocal ability in a variety of different ways that all work seamlessly together.

First Heartbreak is so sad, but with a hopeful tone; it's a kind of hopeless hopeful though, like 'if you ever loved me, that would be my first heartbreak'. There's a sense of unrequited love and that's probably one of the worst types of heartbreak. Tori's voice, especially towards the end, has such a tone of desperation and it works so perfectly for this song.

I Was Made For Loving You is such a beautiful ballad. I love Ed Sheeran, and I think his voice with Tori's is such a great combination, as they both have very unique tones, but they work so wonderfully together. It's such an expressive song and their voices with the acoustic guitar and other varying instrumentation just sounds so lovely altogether.

I adore City Dove. It's probably my favourite song on the album, basically because it's so relatable and sounds rather a lot like my life. I find myself saying 'I haven't figured anything out' or a variation of this almost every day. It's this idea of forming your own future one day at a time, and not really knowing what you're trying to do, but working it out as you go. I love that it's a ballad, of course, but I think the softer tone and strong beat really give a sense of heartbeat to this song. It feels like living. 'Knowing that there's something to come, just holding on'.

The guitar at the beginning of Talk hooked me straight away, with the high pitched vocals coming as more of a surprise, but I like how they work together in this song. The song sounds quite conversational, like talking, and it kind of feels like getting something off of your chest. Tori's voice works so well in this song and I think it's so effective to the overall style.

Art of Letting You Go has a similar theme to First Heartbreak, in the hoping for something that you should really move on from and stop thinking about. I really like the instrumentation in this song, it sounds so different to anything I can recall hearing before; it's quite punchy, but very expressive at the same time.

Anyway just sounds cool??? I think at least. The beat really drives the song forward, and it matches the topic of being completely who you are and 'I'm gonna be myself all day and night'. It's about determining your worth, rather than letting anyone tell you you're not good enough: 'this is me anyway'. It's such a great tone to end the album on, and I think it'll bridge really well onto Tori's next record.

You can find the album on iTunes here and I would highly recommend having a listen.

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