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Made In The A.M. - One Direction - album review

One Direction's fifth studio album, Made In The A.M. was released on Friday, and it's brilliant. With every album, the group lift the bar even higher. I can hear so many different, and new, influences on this album. And I really like it.

Hey Angel is such a great starter. The allusions to The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony are so clear, and yet reworked into something that creates a similar, but equally very different, atmosphere and effect. The vocals in the intro, in particular, are really effective. It sets the album off with the perfect tone. It feels like something great is about to happen.

Perfect and Infinity are two especially catchy songs, both of which I really like. I think the tone to Perfect is, actually, perfect. It's a song that could have been more declarative and, well, harsher in tone. I like how it's put into a somewhat lighthearted form, whilst admittedly still being heartfelt. I'm glad that it doesn't sound bitter, because I'm sure it could have. And Infinity is just so pretty. Who doesn't love a ballad like this? It's very uplifting despite the main themes of the song, which is expressed especially in the chorus. I think it's a very hopeful song, and the trusting tone is persistent throughout.

The clapping of the beat is an element of End of the Day that I love; I think it adds so much to the overall, lively but laid-back, feel of the song. This contrasts really nicely with A.M., which has a much more somber, conclusive tone to it. At the end of the day here it's well into the early hours of the morning and nothing makes sense but everything makes sense. It's a much less concise song and that's what I like most about it. A strong sense of closure; very fitting for the final track on the album.

What a Feeling is very atmospheric; it makes me think of 4am on a summer night, walking home with a friend, reflecting on everything that has and hasn't happened. I like the laid back tone and the way this is brought out through the instrumentation. With a very different emphasis, Temporary Fix is a much more upbeat track. It's probably catchier as a result of it's conventions, but I'd rank it highly alongside with What a Feeling. Two decisively different songs, both well worth listening to.

The delicate ballad that is I Want to Write You a Song. How pretty. It reminds me of a song I used to listen to in my childhood that I can't quite recall, and thus to me it feels very nostalgic. The song seems particularly smooth and innocent, with a very calming tone to compliment the lyrics. Similarly, Walking in the Wind has a comparable serene feel to it. It's got a more apparent beat to it, but it's still very soft. It feels quite conclusive, as A.M. does, but in a very different way. This song sounds as though there's only good things to come, whereas the other presents more of an uncertainty. It sounds like the sort of song you listen to when you finish a chapter of your life and you're excited for what's to be written next.

Love You Goodbye is a gracefully charming song. There are some wonderful ballads on this album, but this is a strong favourite of mine. The tone is devastatingly beautiful and works so well with the lyrics. It's the concluding of a love you never wanted to end.

As much as I think Love You Goodbye is so beautiful and emotional, nothing can compare to the way If I Could Fly makes me feel. It is the most stunning song, and I feel every single word. The piano and strings create this whole atmosphere that just adds even more to the lyrics. The vocals in the second chorus make the words come across so much stronger; they really hit hard. I think I've been quite upset about a lot of things lately, and this song has had some sort of effect that's made me really address that. I feel sad, but I feel better.

Would recommend this album 100%. There's so many different sounds offered, with something for every mood and emotion.

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