Monday, 23 November 2015

Song of the week #43

I love this sooooong. Bieber's new album Purpose, is so good, and Love Yourself is a strong favourite of mine. 'My mama don't like you and she likes everyone' is such a catchy line and it's also a very subtle but very big insult. If my mum doesn't like you, you're probably a pretty awful person, so I can strongly relate.

The way the guitar and lyrics work together create a really calm, serene sound; it's a very laid back track and I think that makes the lyrics more effective. And it's kind of presenting the subject matter in a pleasant way: saying that you don't like someone but making it more about them and their own self worth, saying that just because you don't like/love them, doesn't mean they shouldn't.

Great song, would recommend; The Feeling is another song on the album that I really like. You can have a listen to both of them here.

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