Monday, 30 November 2015

Song of the week #44

One of the most beautiful, serene, inspiring songs I can name is The Garden by Take That. The song opened the group's 2008 album The Circus, which my mum had playing in her car for probably two solid years. So it's safe to say I know it pretty well.

It's such a subtle song, but one of such wonder, and the whole arrangement works perfectly; it's just stunning. Essentially it's all about realising that this is the life you have and you need to start believing in yourself and opening your heart and mind up to new possibilities.

I love how it all comes back to 'but you and me, we just lay down in the garden'. Because for me, a garden or a park, or somewhere surrounded by nature, is the kind of place that inspires me the most, and it's somewhere that I go to imagine all the things that could come, and all the things that I could ever hope for. It's a song that really speaks to me, and makes me wonder.

What songs inspire you?

Until next time.

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