Thursday, 10 December 2015

A quote for thought #2

Passion and enthusiasm are two very important things. We all have certain things that we're really passionate about. Whether it's a hobby like cooking, a video game, a genre of film, a person, or a job; we all have something that fuels the fervor within us. So even though there may be parts of our lives that feel more inert, the things that we love are those that keep us going. And it's ever so important to embrace those things with your entire being.

When you're having a bad day, and thinking about all the things that seem wrong, focus on the things that feel right. If you feel strongly about something, become more involved, make more time for it.

Often people aren't completely supportive of the things other's are enthusiastic about, and it makes me so sad to see someone become disheartened and lose interest in something they love, because someone else thinks it's silly. It's not silly, and the opinions of those people don't matter (and there lives probably aren't all that fun).

'Lukewarm is no good.'

Lukewarm sounds like a very unadventurous life. And one I'd like to steer clear of.

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