Wednesday, 20 January 2016

5 things to look forward to

During the more miserable months of the winter, it's always nice to have something to look forward to, especially when you're living under a pile of work and reading. So I thought I'd write a list of five things that I'm looking forward to right now, in hopes that they will act as motivation for the weeks to come.

1. Spring:
When we get to autumn I'm always like, maybe this is my favourite season, but it really isn't. Spring is wonderful. It's when nature is at it's peak and everything is blossoming and the whole country looks so much more beautiful and everything gets lighter and feels lighter.

2. Spending time with my mum:
I'm actually doing this right now, today, as I'm home for a day and a bit (was meant to have a hospital appointment but it got changed and I'd already booked the train tickets), and I'm very happy about it, I love Ann, she's literally the best ever. We're trying to plan out when we can next spent quality time together (how sad that I have to schedule in time with my own mother these days, being an adult is awful).

3. Cheesecake:
This might sound kind of silly but I'm always looking forward to eating cheesecake, it's undoubtedly the best food in the entire world and even though I don't know when I'll next be enjoying it (it's a treat that I indulge in very occasionally), I'm still always looking forward to it.

4. Live shows:
I've got a few of these to look forward to over the next few months, including Walk The Moon, All Time Low, Busted, James Morrison and Coldplay, among a couple of others.

5. Reading books that I'd like to read:
Basically all the reading I do is for uni; I literally do not have enough time to read anything recreational and that's pretty sad. So I'm looking forward to towards the summer period when I'll have finished all my course reading and can relax a little more and actually read something that I'd really like to.

What are you looking forward to and what's motivating you at the moment?

Until next time.

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