Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mayday Parade: Black Lines UK tour

On Friday evening I went to the (O2) Institute in Birmingham to see Mayday Parade (and The Maine, who were one of the support bands). It was a really great show and I had a wonderful time.

The Maine played some of my favourite songs, including Am I Pretty?, Everything I Ask For, and Another Night On Mars. There was a really nice atmosphere when they were on, and you could tell that a lot of the crowd were (like myself) big fans of the band's music. A great set by one of my favourite bands; my only wish would've been that they'd played for longer.

One of my favourite things about Mayday Parade's music is that it can go straight from a heavier rock song into one of the most intimate, delicate ballads. And I loved how this happened throughout their performance. They were a complete delight to both hear and watch, as you could tell they were all really passionate about the songs they were playing.

Some highlights for me included Three Cheers For Five Years, Oh Well, Oh Well, Jersey, Terrible Things, and undoubtedly Miserable At Best, which was one of the most beautiful moments at any gig I've ever been to; hearing everyone singing all throughout, and especially when Derek left the stage and left us to finish the song. It was something truly magical.

I would highly recommend attending this tour if you haven't already, or going to any other gig either band do in the future. Absolutely brilliant.

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  1. I went to the Bristol gig. It was the best night of my life. I have been a massive fan of the band for going on 5 years, Miserable at Best was the most intimate song they played in my eyes. You could sense the vulnerability and emotion. I hold that song extremely close to my heart. As my name is Katie, having my name in one of thier songs is something special. As it is a song I can so closely relate to, I always feel like they are sing it to me. I was very down around the time I went to their gig. This is the song I put on to tell myself to carry on. The mos special part of this night is my friend held my hand and raised our arms in the air as a sign of my victory and my fight with anxiety every day. This band really is something special to me.

    1. Katie, thank you so much for this comment. I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the Bristol gig and I know how much the song means to you, as I can really relate to it too. I hope you keep fighting, and keeping listening to the music that means everything x