Friday, 19 February 2016

A quote for thought #4

I read this quote a few days ago and I think it's such an important thing for people to realise. Some people are so opposed to new ideas and new perspectives, that their whole lives are only seen from one point of view. They are not open to even changing their minds, and yet often these are the people who believe they can change other things.

Nothing in this world will ever change without compromise. And compromising involves changing your mind to go forth in a situation in order to achieve the best outcome. There are some people in this world so stuck in their own ways that they refuse the overall universal ideal in favour of their own personal ideal, and they think they're doing great things and making great changes to the world. And you just cannot change the world in that way. You cannot change anything that way.

So be open to different interpretation, be open to new ideas, be open to changing your mind whenever it is right to do so.

And then maybe you'll change all kinds of things, for the better.

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