Tuesday, 16 February 2016

All Time Low: Back to the Future Hearts tour

On Saturday night I went to see All Time Low at the NIA (Barclaycard Arena) and they were wonderful.

Due to the length of the queue to get in, we missed Against The Current's set, but we were there to see Good Charlotte perform and they were great. Hearing The Anthem live was a highlight of the evening and Girls and Boys was also especially fun.

All Time Low's set was brilliant (with the exception that they didn't play Cinderblock Garden, which I love, but oh well). Their performance was so energetic and there was a really happy, seemingly positive atmosphere.

Some highlights for me included: Lost in Stereo, which is one of my favourite ATL songs and has the best drive to it. I loved Therapy, of course, with Alex playing the song on the acoustic guitar and with all the passion imaginable. Missing You was beautiful and probably my joint favourite song of the night, as Runaways also felt like one of the most special moments.

Overall, the evening was one of the best I've had in a long time, with great music and great spirit. Definitely a band I would recommend seeing live.

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