Monday, 29 February 2016

February photo diary '16

This year I'm trying to do more photo diary posts, as they're something I really like, and I enjoy looking back on the month and seeing the 'best bits' as such. So I hope you like this too.

Typically, I didn't take a single photo on the first day of the month, so we're starting on the second. Very unusually for me, the first picture I took this month was a selfie. I generally don't take pictures of just myself (other than on snapchat where the goal is to look as gross as possible), but I felt kind of cute this day, so, yeah.

On the evening of the same day I headed home to Oxfordshire, as I had a hospital appointment early the next morning. It was very cold so hot chocolate seemed necessary.

Greeted with a cuddle on the kitchen floor.

Pistachios from Iran are the best pistachios.

 I stayed at home a day longer than planned, as I didn't have any seminars the following day. Mum and I saw on the news that an exhibition of Andy Warhol's work was opening at the Ashmolean and decided we should go and take a look, as he's probably my favourite artist. The exhibition is incredible, and I would highly recommend taking a visit. I believe it's on until May, so there's plenty of time,

Due to a buses-not-turning-up issue, we ended up getting a train home, as we were bored of standing outside for far too long in the cold.

Can't wait to study these.

Chiltern mainline trains are the nicest ever.

Every day is book day.

21st Century Literature seminar prep.

Charlie and I went to maybe the most wonderful place in the whole world for a lunch date. The food was incredible. Sundaes Gelato only opened recently, but if you're ever in Birmingham, it's somewhere you need to take a trip to.

When you take a quiz to see 'what university you should have gone to' and you get the place you moved away from. Oh.

The pIZZA.

Ruth came up to visit and to see All Time Low (blog post here).

The next morning we went out to breakfast for a little galentines date.

Followed by a romantic trip to the pet shop, and all the Friends episodes we could cram in before Ruth had to leave.

Another day, another train. I headed home for a few days during reading week...

To spend more quality times with my loves.

So I spent a lot of time with the dogs. Prince needs a lot of love and is the ultimate reading companion (he keeps me warm (although he does like to be in the way of the book in order to get more attention)).

All I did during reading week was read/work/cuddle dogs.

Bye countryside.

Hi city.

Another book???!?!?!! omgnoway.

Canal side dinner.

My sister was meant to be coming up to see Walk The Moon with me, but unfortunately she really wasn't very well. Luckily Charlie stepped in and we had a woooonderful time. One of my all time favourite bands.

Always nice to have a change of scenery for studying; I went to the Library of Birmingham for a few hours to read a text for my gothic module.

Paperchase is basically my favourite shop ever. I picked up a postcard of the rhino print for my wall and this cactus card to send to my grandad along with a few others.

Here's me looking ever so attractive. Face masks often make it impossible to change facial expression.

Sunday morning was spent drinking coffee and finishing reading Salvage the Bones.

Finally, today after lectures, reading and seminar prep, my parents decided to come up on an impromptu trip (they asked me if I was free after they'd left), to go to dinner and have a little catch up. I've had the nicest evening and it was a lovely way to end of the month (even though I won't post any pictures from that on here (I was showing my mum snapchat and the face swap of us is hilarious so sorry you can't see that)).

I hope February was a good month for you :)

Until next time.

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