Monday, 22 February 2016

Song of the week #52

Wild Heart speaks of someone I think I used to be, or someone similar. Someone with fewer cares, bigger dreams, and a heart that couldn't be tamed, that just wanted to run free. The song longs to be taken back, and that's what I'd like right now. I'd like to regain the fire in my eyes, to hold on to something again. Because right now I feel like there's nothing to hold on to, nothing good, nothing real, like I'm surrounded by the things that are holding me captive and making me miserable. Everything I want to get away from. And it's really hard to get out.

Musically the song is perfect. The tone throughout is nostalgic and longing. It's a tone that bears hope that maybe you can get back to everything that made you happy, to everything that made you who you were.

'I know it ain't gone too far, take me back to you and to your wild heart.'

Until next time.

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