Thursday, 25 February 2016

Walk The Moon: Talking Is Hard tour

On Tuesday night I went to one of the most wonderful gigs. Walk The Moon are a band I've loved for quite a while now, and they are a band well worth seeing live.

The set was brilliant. I really loved how there was minimal talking and the main focus was music. The small amount of talking that there was came with a very spiritual energy, for pushing away the negative and feeling the music, which was so nice to hear.

They are such a brilliant band live, which was something that I've read online, and they did not disappoint. The sound quality was great and more than anything, the music was just fantastic - everything it is on audio with so much more added to it. It was raw, it was real, and it was just what I needed.

My favourite song was Aquaman, which is undoubtedly my favourite of all their songs, and it was stunning live. I also loved I Can Lift A Car, which had the most positive, reassuring energy and tone to it, and I feel like everyone really came together during that song. Shut Up and Dance was so much fun and was towards the end when everyone just seemed to feel a lot looser and more free than at the beginning. Anna Sun was lovely and Work This Body got everyone moving, just as you'd expect.

If you go to see one single band this year, I would recommend that it be this one.

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