Thursday, 10 March 2016

6 reasons why I love Spring

Now that we're into March, Spring is getting ever so close and the colder weather is starting to settle into a warmer air; I thought I would tell you six reasons why I love Spring. It's definitely my favourite season (as much as I do also like Autumn), and this is why.

1. Nature comes back to life

I love nothing more than countryside walks in the Spring, when nature is essentially resurrected, coming back to life following the colder seasons . Where I live in Oxfordshire is particularly beautiful in Spring and I love passing by fields full of lambs and being outside in the warmer weather and sunshine.

2. Winter 'hibernation' ends

I tend to spend a lot of time inside during winter, despite how much I love the outdoors, as it's just a bit too cold to be outside for very long at a time. I'm looking forward to being outside more and enjoying the fresher, warmer, Spring air.

3. A change of food palette

As much as I eat a lot of fruit and veg all year round, I'm always inclined to eat more in Spring/Summer. The warmer weather brings a lot of fruit into season, making it better quality and more enjoyable.

4. Easter

As much as I've just said that I love fruit, who doesn't love chocolate? Not only am I looking forward to the Easter eggs, but also a break from uni and a chance to be at home again.

5. Spending time at home

As I've mentioned I will be spending a lot of Spring at home in lovely Oxfordshire, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my mum and also reading out in the garden with my dog, which is something that always makes me happy.

6. End of the semester

Teaching is coming to an end, and knowing that after a while exams will be done and dusted and I'll get a chance to properly relax for a little while (and spend even more time with my dog) is something I look forward to every year. As much as revision is a bit of a burden, it'll be over soon and worth all the effort.

What are your favourite things about Spring?

Until next time.

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