Friday, 25 March 2016

The 1975

On Tuesday I went to see The 1975 at the Barclaycard Arena (NIA), in Birmingham, at their biggest show to date.

They were brilliant.

The whole set was great, with a nice mix of songs from their first and second albums. She's American, one of my favourites, was really fun and energetic, as was The Sound, which had some pretty cool stage effects accompanying the music. I really loved the lighting throughout the whole show.

I particularly enjoyed Heart Out and Somebody Else too; all of the songs complimented each other and went nicely from one to the next. And Paris was really beautiful too, I felt like everyone came together more during that one.

Robbers was stunning, and undoubtedly my favourite song to hear. There's something about it that completely hooks me every single time I listen to it, and it was even more mesmerising live.

I loved that they incorporated the sax into their live show. It sounded wonderful and added further richness to the music. It's a very passionate instrument and matched their performance beautifully.

A band I would highly recommend seeing live.

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