Friday, 4 March 2016

Why reading is worth the time

As you may know, I am an English student, in the second year of my degree. From this angle, it may well seem as though I'm speaking from a biased pointed of view, but I think that reading really is something worth the time it takes to do.

The experience of reading is a very unique one. All the images in the text are ones that you create for yourself; and is unlikely that the characters you imagine will be the same for others or even for the author.

Reading requires thought, but only the amount you are willing to offer. Some people will come up with countless interpretations of what they read (oh hi there fellow English students), and other will take the meaning the author offers.

I think a lot of people think reading has become somewhat outdated, that films are the way forward. But a film literally shows you what its makers want you to see. You can discover so much more in a book. And you can lose yourself in another world for an hour a day, or an hour a week, however often you choose.

Personally, I think there's a magic in reading that nothing else holds. You create a fictional world alongside the author, through the images you evoke from their words.

And when else can we truly exert our imaginations these days?

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