Saturday, 30 April 2016

April photo diary '16

Due to the time I would usually schedule for blogging being taken up by revision for the past month, I thought a photo diary post would be a nice idea. This way it does actually seem like I've been doing things and using my time wisely (maybe).

Hope you've all had a lovely April!

As usual, I didn't take a single photo on the first day of the month (oops, again), so these two are from 31st March. If you were not yet aware, I'm a big fan of the trees. This is just the beginning.

Had a day with my pal, Prince. Morning cuddles and a bit of afternoon sun.

This filter is hilarious (obviously still love the dog more but this is funny).

Powerpuff-ed myself; feeling super sassy.

(A lamb!!! Leaping!!!!)

Mum and I went to Stowe for a stroll, and were met with some of the cutest lambs in the world. They were baa-ing the whole time (making us laugh because we have a weird thing where we say 'MOOOM' in a weird voice and the lambs sounded like they were doing the eXACT same thing).

Spent some time with the lovely Ruth (we watched friends for a lot of hours).

After reading Oryx and Crake, I'm now onto The Year of the Flood.


I had two essays to write in the first half of the month and they were painful.

*lame 'spring time' pun*

Revision began and it's been pretty sad but also pretty productive; feeling better about exams than I did at the start of the month.

Trying to look cute to go meet up with some school friends for a catch up meal.

Life motto. You've gotta.

When it snows mid-April.

Charlie and I went to the Museum of Natural History in Oxford, followed by a pub lunch that was consumed too quickly to document.

Stowe on a more miserable day.

A fun couple of days in Birmingham and Manchester, with Charlie and Chloe.

Manchester Cathedral.

Birthday cuddles with bae, who turned 12 this month.

Art. The 'White Chocolate Heaven' waffle of my dreams.

Vinnie the poser.

Love getting the 6.47am train hahhhaHAHhhaA (twice).

Coffee date at uni.

How appropriate that the final picture displays how I'll be spending most of May. Revision all day every day.

Hope you've had a good month, and May goes ahead in your favour.

Until next time.

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