Friday, 13 May 2016

Exam season update

Who else is having a terrible time right now?

Thought I'd write a little update post, as I haven't been very present lately, due to exams and revision. So far I've had one exam and I'm glad I no longer have to think about it. However, I do still have three to go and they're all over a course of five days (which was not very well timetabled considering the exam period is a month long, but what can you do).

So right now I'm pretty much bathing in revision notes and I am looking forward to summer immensely. I cannot wait to have time to think about things that aren't English related for a little while (even though I'll have to start next year's reading over the summer).

I hope the photo diary post gave a little insight into how I spent April, I'm planning on putting one up for May as well if I remember to keep taking pictures. I would have liked to do more individual posts about what I got up to, but there just hasn't been enough time unfortunately. Song of the week posts have also been halted, but will be starting up again in June when my mind is a bit freer.

I've got a few nice plans in place for the summer and I'm hoping to add to them in due course. A bit of live music, some day trips, that sort of thing, which is just what I need right now. Next week I'm going to see Busted (after an exam lol), so I'm looking forward to that as a means to blow off some steam in the mean time.

I hope all of your revision is going well and you're staying as positive as you can during this period of study. We will see the other side of it soon and it will be glorious.

Wishing you all the best with your exams.

Until next time.

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