Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fathers' Day Fun


This Fathers' Day I took my dad on a trip to London.

Dad wanted to go to the London Dungeons, so that's where we started. The dungeons gives you a whistle stop tour of London's history from around the time of Henry VIII to the more recent Jack the Ripper. The majority of the tour is in the dark, with low lit lights dotted around. There are a couple of rides, which personally I found the scariest part (in the pitch black). The dungeons tour lasts around about two hours, and gives a really good insight to the history of the time; I would definitely recommend going.

After the dungeons we got some lunch on the south bank and then went to the Sea Life Centre. For some reason we completely forgot it was a Sunday when we booked the tickets and when we got there it was packed full of screaming children. Therefore we weren't there for very long, but I did like seeing the jellyfish.

We walked across to Covent Garden, which is only about a fifteen minute walk from Westminster. Shake Shack milkshakes are the best in the world, so whenever I'm in London these days I like to go and grab one. Strawberry is both of our favourite and the milkshakes we had on Sunday did not disappoint.

We looked around the market a little, before moving on and walking to Trafalgar Square, and then onto St James' Park, which is probably my favourite park in London. We stopped by Buckingham Palace before heading through Green Park to the tube station back to Marylebone. Once we arrived their we grabbed some coffee and got on a train to Wembley Stadium to see Coldplay, which I'll tell you all about in my next post.

Until next time.

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