Thursday, 4 August 2016

Trying To Stay On Board

Do you ever feel like your life slips away from you in the summer? With less routine, I sometimes feel like I'm sinking into an abyss of unproductivity.

As a result, I've reinstated daily to-do lists, so even if there's nothing I have to do in the day, I'm still making sure I'm doing something, e.g. reading a few chapters of my current book, or going for a long walk, cleaning etc. I've also started a weekend job recently, which is helping give the week more of a sense of structure, so I've got two days where I know I'm busy for the whole day. And it's a really nice feeling, just to know you're getting stuff done and planning out your week.

I've been trying to get up at around the same time each day, between 6am and 7.30am depending on what I'm doing that day, so that I don't end up messing with my sleeping pattern and make getting up early difficult for myself (when I'm back at uni I feel like this will be a saving grace despite it being a little annoying right now). But even just doing that makes me feel more productive, because there are more daylight hours to be actively getting things done.

I think it's so important not to sink into bad habits during the summer, as come the end of September I know I'll be very grateful to know that I've been getting up on the early side fine for the past couple of months so it shouldn't be too difficult then either (although I know that the sun coming up later will make me want to sleep more, but one thing at a time for now).

How do you make sure you stay productive in the summer? Does it help you to make to-do lists, or a weekly list of your plans/events? I'd love to know what your methods are, as they may be very handy in the coming months.

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