Thursday, 5 January 2017

Winter Walks

Hello and happy new year!

I think a lot of people think the new year is the best time to come up with resolutions to motivate themselves for the new calendar year. But personally, it's the time of year I struggle the most with positivity and creating goals. This is probably the result of it being my third year in a row of starting a new year bogged down by uni work. When you're being panicking about lengthy essays that are due in far too soon, it's hard to think about anything else, like any other goals I might have in the here and now.

But nonetheless, I've had a little think about a few new year's resolutions that are easy and manageable, because in my current uni-induced headache, it's difficult to think about anything bigger than the little, easily achievable things.

The first is to rekindle my love of taking walks. This is one that I began straight away on the second day of the year, at one of my favourite National Trust places. I used to go on a walk almost every day. It was a great stress reliever and more than anything it was just a great way to get out and breathe in some fresh air. But throughout the past several months, largely as a result of uni work, I've not even found the extra motivation to go out and take a breather from things. And I think that's half the reason I've felt so much more stressed recently. So I think it's important, especially in the coming few months, that I get out each day and just take a walk, even if only for fifteen minutes, to breathe and move and enjoy the natural environment I love so much.

Secondly, and again something I've already begun, is to up my efficiency - primarily by planning better. Recently whenever I've written a to-do list it's been very vague and hasn't made my actual, specific aims very obvious, and I think that's definitely hindered my productivity. You can't get stuff done without knowing exactly what it is you want to do. So I think it's very important that this year I try to plan more efficiently, with one small aim at a time, to help keep me from feeling quite so overwhelmed.

Lastly, all I'd really like this year is to be done with formal education. Obviously in life we will always be learning, but being within the education system for all this time is really taking its toll, and I am so ready to be out. I enjoy learning so much, but doing it for a grade has gotten far too old and more than anything it makes it less fun - SO MUCH less fun. A main goal of mine this year is to finish my degree (please, please), and to continue just learning for myself, for fun.

Do you have any new year's resolutions, big or small? I would love to hear what your hopes for this year are, and I wish you nothing but the best with them.

You've got this.

Until next time.

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