Wednesday, 3 May 2017

21 things for 21

I turned 21 a couple of weeks ago, so I've been thinking about some of the things I'd like to achieve in the next year - both the little things and the not so little ones. Here's what I hope 21 has in store me.

1. Cut my hair short (been a long time coming)

2. Graduate from university - cannot believe how quickly this has come around

3. Take more time to consider my small personal goals on a weekly/monthly basis

4. Pass my driving test (ticked this one off within four days of turning 21!), which leads nicely on to:

5. Buy a car - I've put a deposit down, so this one will be ticked off in a few more days too!

6. Stop caring what other people think of you - to an extent I've got this one sorted, but there's always a little thought in the back of my mind, and it's time it disappeared for good

7. Remember that not everyone will make as much of an effort as you, and try not to be so disheartened by this

8. Celebrate the small victories (they're often the ones you remember best)

9. Don't stop giving everything your all - the only regret you'll ever have is if you didn't do something to the best of your ability

10. Get a full-time job - I think I've got an area of focus in the field of job, but I'm still unsure

11. Continue to grow in confidence - university helped me so much with this, and I hope I can carry on growing both in confidence and as a person throughout my twenties

12. Make better use of my passport

13. Be proud of myself - I've already achieved more than I thought I would

14. Don't be discouraged by the negative attitudes of others

15. Become more active - when you're studying a book-based subject it can be difficult to find the time to get up from your desk and go for a walk/go to the gym, so I'm hoping once I've finished my degree this will be easier

16. Take every opportunity to look after friends' and family's dogs (nothing else will improve your quality of life so much)

17. Save, save, save

18. Breathe - everything seems like a big deal at this age, so just take a deep breath and keep going

19. Learn to not be afraid of the unknown, but to embrace the unexpected

20. Voice your concerns and upset - something I've never been fond of, but I know will make me feel better in the long run

21. Dream big - who's to judge

That's what I'm hoping my year involves, what are your aims for the next year?

Until next time.

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