Monday, 25 September 2017

Being tall isn't always so great

There'a a good reason why autumn/winter are my preferred seasons. Because I can wear the slouchy, baggy clothes that will fit me right and not seem out of place.

It seems to be a natural human tendency to want that which you don't have.

In some ways, this is how I feel: I'd like to be shorter because I'm not. But equally, I love being tall. It's a never-endingly reevaluated pro/con list. Being tall is great; I can find my friends in a crowd, I can get stuff off the highest shelves, I look a bit slimmer on the whole because my body weight is spread out further, my walk is a strut because my legs are on the longer side.

But there's one, single thing, that makes me absolutely detest my height. And that's clothes. And unfortunately, they are necessary.

I wish I could explain how upsetting clothes shopping is for me.

Honestly, I love clothes. I enjoy shopping - though, albeit, primarily online - and I like seeing the new-in fashion for each season. But when the clothes actually show up, I get so disheartened.

Basically, barely anything fits me right. I'm 5'11'', so notably above average height, and when I'm trying on clothes, I always wish I was half a foot shorter. It's so difficult to find jeans that I can actually wear. I've got a smaller waist, but a very long torso, so even high-waisted jeans often fail to sit right - and then, my legs are long but not super long, so trousers are either a bit too short or too long if I get the longer length ones. I put off buying trousers pretty much altogether unless it's completely necessary because I get so upset that they never fit. My hips will always sit where my waist is meant to be and it makes me feel huge and just terrible about myself.

When I find a top of a reasonable length, more often than not I'll try it on in my size and my shoulders just won't fit properly. Or the 'long' sleeves will finish three inches before my wrists. This actually happens with 'tall size' tops quite a lot too - as though yes, the length has been considered, but literally nothing else has. So I end up wearing oversized baggy tops and jumpers all the time and then feeling like I look frumpy, but nothing else fits right so what's a girl to do but wallow.

And the never-ending swimsuit struggle. I used to swim all the time when I was younger, but after I surpassed the age of about fourteen, I couldn't find a swimsuit that was long enough for my body. So subsequently, I haven't been swimming. I actually found one that fit my body perfectly on ASOS a few months back, but of course there was another fatal flaw, after I'd gotten so excited that it was long enough. The material around the boobs was ridiculously baggy, so if I'd wanted to swim then they'd have just come straight out of it.

The fact that my struggle with clothes actually stops me from doing things genuinely breaks my heart. I'm sure being tall seems a silly thing to complain about unless you actual are tall. It's a major bummer and I'm trying to get over it, but it does really suck.

On the upside, there are quite a few brands that have pretty okay tall sections. ASOS is particularly impressive, even if the pieces aren't always entirely thought through the fit the taller frame. I appreciate that brands are trying and I am eternally grateful that there are some clothes that make me feel okay in my own body.

Here's to more of that.

Until next time.

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