Monday, 18 September 2017

Currently Coveting: ASOS

I don't tend to talk about fashion on here, basically because I don't know much and wouldn't want to pretend I did. However, I like clothes. And shoes. So, I thought I'd compile a post about the pieces currently situated in my saved items on ASOS. Some of them have been there for months, after me re-adding them again and again, but I just can't bring myself to purchase just yet (desperately waiting for 20% off to happen) and others are very recent additions. Either way, I thought I'd give you a glance into my shopping basket and my ever-evolving style.

I thought I'd start with coats and jackets, as they are ideal for the unpredictable Autumn weather. This khaki coat would look perfect with any outfit underneath, and can be easily dressed down or up for a smarter occasion. I love this Stone coloured cord jacket - it's very Gilmore Girls/90s. Just a really nice casual, neutral jacket, but with the added layer of warmth from the borg. This last one is a little more out there and more on the Spring/Summer side, but it's soooo cute. It would bring a really lovely pop of colour to a more neutral outfit, as well as being a nice light layer for the warmer days.

You may know that I'm a self-confessed jumper fiend. If so, you'll be surprised to find only two jumpers in my saved items (probably only because there aren't many jumpers online yet, so I'm sure that number will grow). Both of these are actually from Missguided at ASOS, which isn't a brand I normally go for, but I think both of these are so cute. The pastel jumper reminds me of one Unif had a couple years ago, but for a fraction of the price. It's really pretty and brings some lighter colours to the dulling seasons. And this other one is so cool?? I saw Rosie from Rosie the Londoner wearing one of these in a blog post recently and just thought it looked so chic and very end-of-summer/Autumn appropriate. And navy's always a winner.

The only T-Shirt in my saved items right now is this one. I think the embroidery on this is absolutely gorgeous. Such a simple top but made really special with that little added detail. And feminism is a way of life that should be expressed.

I'm coveting some very contrasting shoes at the moment. The first, aren't very A/W at all, but they are beautiful !!!! I fell in love the first time I saw them. If I do get them, I'm sure they won't get much wear until Spring time, but they're kind of too cute not to. Secondly, I've got some smarter Dr Martens. I've been after these for ages to be honest. I wear my boots all the time, so I'm very tempted to add these to my shoes for a little more versatility (also saw my friend Chloe wearing them a couple weeks ago and thought they looked even cooler in real life).

Last up are a couple accessories. The first is a super cute pink scarf, which looks irresistibly soft. I like how it just has a little fraying at the ends rather than a mass of tassels, keeping you void from tangles. And it's a really nice shade of pink, one that you don't see all that often. Finally, this purse. When I first saw it I couldn't believe my eyes. I have been hunting for a purse for about three years now, making do with a basic New Look one that I've never really liked. And it seems I've found the ONE. First of all: what a cute colour? And secondly, it opens exactly how I like; basically like a book, and it has all of the card space. Heartbreakingly, it is currently out of stock, so I'm desperately hoping that it'll come back soon.

Until next time.

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