Monday, 4 September 2017


It's September, and for the past three years, that's meant starting back at uni. For the past sixteen years, that's meant starting back at some sort of academic institution. But not this September.

Honestly, it's very unsettling. I feel like this time of year I'm normally reading through my course books, getting excited about my new modules, and am usually just ready to get back in the swing of things. And I do still feel like that.

I think it's partially because I'm still working my regular job and nothing feels all that different yet. I feel quite stagnant. As though, no, I'm not moving up through uni, I'm not learning, I'm not progressing. And I know that in life you're always moving forward, but not going back to uni has made me feel really uncomfortable, like I need some sort of movement, some sort of new engagement.

It's natural, I suppose. I think more than anything, it's the lack of regularity of it all. Things are different this September and I just don't know how to feel about it yet. Of course, I always knew I would come to this point in life eventually, but I don't think you can really prepare yourself for the 'what now' nature of it.

I've considered doing a Masters, I've considered all kinds of continuation with education. Ultimately, that's not what I want right now. I am, well and truly, done with formal education. Now I just need to work out what I do want to do, what new goals I'll set myself, work out where I want to be this time next year. It's one of those things that takes time, and I need to allow myself the time to consider my options and to think about my aims for the future.

September, as much as January, is a time for new beginnings, new plans, new lifestyles.

And I'm ready to embrace that.

Until next time.

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