Thursday, 30 November 2017

November Books

A very short and sweet one this month as I haven't really felt like reading for the most part (very unlike me, I know). It was 50/50 on the two books I did read, however, so there's a love and a wouldn't bother again. Enjoy.

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

I feel like I'm the last person in the world to read Lolita, and I'm quite surprised it wasn't a set text when I was at uni, but I've finally gotten round to reading it and, it was alright. I can't say I was completely enamoured with it or completely horrified by it, which are the two ways most people tend to respond to this book. Personally I've read far more horrendous texts and to be honest I didn't find this one all that interesting. Yes, it's an intriguing topic and set up and whatnot, but I wasn't fascinated by any of the characters, I wasn't shocked by them; for me they were just people in a book. It's obviously a story about obsession and observation, and tackles some difficult topics, but I wasn't bowled over with how Nabokov did this. It wasn't bad by any means, but honestly, I thought it would be better. I'm not saying it wasn't a good text; it certainly was and I didn't hate reading it, but probably not one I'd jump at the chance to read again I'm afraid.

An Unnecessary Woman - Rabih Alameddine

Alameddine actually references Nabokov a bunch of times - can you even believe that - and it made me feel bad for not loving Lolita hA. Didn't love Lolita, but I DID love this book. An Unnecessary Woman is a kind of love song to literature. The way Aaliya talks about her love of books and constantly collecting them reminds me of how I am towards books, and I think this novel would bring warmth to any book lover's heart. The ending of the novel, in particular is so wholesome and warm and beautiful. It offers possibilities to those who are older and think that they no longer have great potential. Honestly, can't recommend this enough. It covers life, death, misery, marriage and so much more, and does so brilliantly.

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