Friday, 24 November 2017

The BEST JUMPERS this season

M&S basically won.

As an avid jumper lover, I thought I'd do a little round up of the best jumpers available this season. Honestly, to start with, I was worried. It got to the end of October and I'd only found two jumpers that I liked. However, apparently November is prime time for brands bringing out the jumper gold that I have to show you today. There are many jumpers from different brand and in different price ranges, so there's something for everyone this knitwear season.

It's always worth mentioning ASOS first - especially because they've got 20% off everything this weekend wahoo. ASOS have so many brands, including their own, from the super cheap to the more luxury brands. Here are my picks for the colder months:

Next up is H&M. Known for being on the cheaper side, but often having collaborations with high end brands, they have a number of great jumpers for reasonable prices. Some of my faves include:

Urban Outfitters, though on the pricier side, always have some really high quality, long lasting jumpers. Everything always has a slight edge to it and is in keeping with the season and trends. My top picks are:

Though Topshop haven't done quite as well as last year (I could've bought every single jumper they had), they've still got some great knitwear this year. Such as:

Saved the best until last. Marks and Spencer have the most amazing jumpers this season. Reasonably priced and always high quality, I dub them the Queen of Jumpers this year. 10/10. Here are my favourites:

Amazing jumpers everywhere. Would 100 million % recommend going and having a look in M&S in particular though. Sure, your mum probably shops there, but they are way ahead of the game this season, and they're not to be missed.

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