Friday, 1 December 2017

Advent Excitement

I have been getting SO excited for Christmas this year, which obviously meant purchasing advent calendars months ago and longing to open them ever since. I'm not someone who's ever truly embraced the festive season - usually I'd rather it just be over and done with and am not really bothered. But this year I've been feeling Christmassy since summertime and longing for the season to begin. And, with the first of December it's finally time to start opening advent calendars and decorating the house!

Last year, and I think the year before too, I didn't actually have an advent calendar, and I've since realised that nothing truly builds up the excitement like one. So, this year I went overboard and got two (oops). One is edible, of course. I got this amazing Lindt one (arguably one of the top three chocolate brands ever), and I'm so happy that I can start off each day with chocolate this month, what a Christmas miracle.

The other one I splashed out on and treated myself to is the Selfridges beauty advent calendar, which is filled with products by brands owned by L'Oreal. This calendar has so many amazing products in it and I cannot wait to try each one out day by day and find new favourites inside. L'Oreal is one of my favourite drugstore brands, and I love a lot of the higher end brands they own, so this is such an amazing calendar and one I know I will enjoy.

I think at the end of the month I might do a little round up of my favourite products in the calendar/mention any that don't suit my skin etc. My Mum also treated herself to a beauty advent calendar this year, and she's maybe even more excited than I am. She got the M&S one and we've already been talking potential trades if we get products we know the other would prefer!! So I may end up mentioning a few of those in that round up too.

I hope you're all as hyped for Christmas as I am this year, and December brings you love, joy and happiness.

Happy Advent!!

Until next time.

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