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Currently Coveting: ASOS

Spring clothes yay even though it's still cold.

This is a pretty mammoth Currently Coveting, so I hope you've got a cup of tea handy. I have been dying for Spring to join us for pretty much the whole of Winter, and now that it's finally just around the corner, I'm getting very overexcited for Spring fashion. It's only one of the best seasons to dress for. You still need a layer or two, so jackets and jumpers are still in, but you can also start to bare your legs, so dresses and skirts are back. It's probably the most versatile season of all, and that's only another reason to add to my list of why Spring is the season of pure happiness.

Here are my top picks on ASOS at the moment, and the pieces I'm sure to start ordering over the next month or so. *A large amount of these clothes are from Tall ranges, however the majority are definitely available in regular sizing and also petite, so worry not if you're not a giant like me.


I'm sure I've mentioned it many a time (as above), but I'm like nine feet tall, so when it comes to shorter dresses and skirts, it's basically a must that I shop in the tall section. A lot of the time it feels like the tall section gets the cast offs that didn't make the main collection, but I've found a few pieces I really like on ASOS at the moment. Very impressed, which doesn't happen often for me.

The first is this Tall Missguided Red Tea Dress. Red has never been my colour prior to this winter, but I'm trying it out and would like to see if I can take the colour into Spring. Tea dresses are one of my favourite styles to wear; they're really comfortable and flattering, and I think the sleeves on this one are super nice. I'm also a major advocate for the v-neck, so this one's a sure winner.

Next up is this classic Striped Sundress. Again, it's in the Tall range, but this one is a midi length - nonetheless, the extra length is always well needed and appreciated. This is the kind of dress that I'm sure my Mum had when I was little and therefore the timeless classic that can find a places in any wardrobe, regardless of time gone by. I like the button-through style and the pockets are a true blessing. It's also a linen material, so perfect for the summertime.

The next dress is, again, something of a Tea Dress, but this time it's a Black Button-Through design (still Tall, of course). I actually already have something similar to this in my wardrobe, but this one certainly has more structure to it, with a nice collar, and it really cinches in at the waist, which is always my preference. Another timeless style and one that will never go out of fashion.

Lastly, is another black number, though this time a Frilled Wrap Front Midi Dress, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. The wrap style is very flattering, as it allows you to tie it up as you need for your waist - meaning this one will look good on pretty much anyone. I'm not usually a frills and bows kind of person, but I think the frills on this add a dimension to the piece that works really nicely. One I've got my eye on for an upcoming trip, for sure.


Moving on to jackets. Now, Spring in England starts off to be pretty nippy still, so jackets are your best friend. I found SO many that I love on ASOS at the moment, so this one's fairly long (hope your tea's still warm).

The first is very much a practical coat (but look how freaking cute it is). This Tall Pale Pink Raincoat may be soon to be by best friend for the Winter/Spring crossover. It rains a fair deal in England, and most raincoats aren't particularly flattering or nice to look at - but LOOK at this, it's adorable! It's also borg lined, so will keep you warm too. It's probably the first thing I'll end up buying from this post (it may already be in my cart and almost on it's way to me).

This one's definitely more of a cool girl piece - something I'll never stop aspiring to be. What a gorgeous jacket, but one I'm questioning whether I could actually pull off. It's a New Look Faux Shearling Aviator Jacket, in a nice, fresh oat shade. Very Spring, very cool, but also nice and warm for the transitional period. This is definitely one I'd at least like to try on and give a go.

Next is a bolder, more tailored jacket that I tend to go for, but that has something super sophisticated about it, which would match the city I work in nicely. This Stradivarius Tailored Check Coat is very Oxford, and would be the perfect way to dress up a ore casual outfit when you feel like being a little fancier but can't really be bothered to try. It a lovely cut and looks like it would suit even my broad shoulders, as the shoulders on the coat are dropped. Check is also very in right now, so I'd quite like to get involved. Kind of a dream; kind of desperate to try this on.

Here are not one, but two cord jackets. I have a borg cord jacket in a lovely stone colour, but I'm on the look out for something a little lighter, without the borg, to wear during the Spring/Summer. The first is a Pieces Pink Cord Jacket. What's not to love? It's a simple, pastel piece, which would look great over a summer dress or a casual Spring outfit. It's beautiful. However, the other contender here is a cute one too. This Pastel Blue Cord Jacket is so incredibly pleasing to look at. It's more or less the same design, but has something a little lighter and airier about it. It might just be my favourite of the two.

Last for the jackets is this Levi's Denim Jacket. I actually don't own a denim jacket - would you believe. I've been on the hunt for one for probably about five years, but, in case you didn't know, I am one of the fussiest people ever when it comes to the fit of clothes. So as much as I love the shape and fit of this one on the model, there's sadly no saying as to whether I'd like it so much on myself. Nevertheless, this is a great jacket in just the right faded shade of blue.


Let's start off with some Long-Sleeved tops. The first is a Nobody's Child Wide-Sleeved Striped Top. If there are two trends in this world that will never go out of fashion, it's stripes and monochrome, and this top has them both. The perfect versatile top, which could be worn either by itself on days when the sun's out, or with a jacket on a chillier day. I love the high neck - something I've been very appreciative of since cutting my hair short, and the wide sleeves such a nice detail. This top is a must buy.

Another long-sleeved, striped top is this one from Monki. I like that it's more on season with the lilac and white striped, adding a pop of colour to a basic top. I'm not completely sure how I would style this to be honest, but it would definitely be tucked into something. It's a nice, casual long layer, and one I'd like to try on and see how it would work for me.

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. It's only THE Spring trend, my friends. But how cute is this Floral Ruffled Wrap Top?! Now, the sleeves are a little on the puffy side, so I'm not so sure whether or not I'd like this on me, but I am 100% trying this one out. This is my perfect floral pattern - not too over the top, but fairly subtle and understated. I also love the ruffles and wrap around details. It's kind of a dream and I'm so desperately hoping it'll suit me.

But of course, the florals can't quite stop there. This one's a little louder, but yellow flowers are one of my favourite things in this world, so I'm open to it. It's a Miss Selfridge Cropped Wrap Top. Again, the wrap around and v-neck are big winners with me, though I'm not sure if this would be a little too short on my long torso. The 3/4 length sleeves are a nice in-between choice, and again, great for the S/S.

And here's just about the sweetest top ever. This Honey Punch T-Shirt with Embroidery is so cute, it's also about to be ordered. The embroidery reads 'Sweet Like Honey', and adds a lovely, delicate touch to an otherwise fairly simple t-shirt. The ruffle trims are super sweet and I love that they're yellow, adding another gorgeous detail. It's basically my dream T.

Ending tops on a must-have basic. These Cropped Camis are perfect for the S/S. They're a really nice cut, with the v-neck both front and back, and they look very flattering, being the kind of crop that just leaves a small bit of skin between the top and high-waisted jeans. It's also a two pack, so you get both black and white. The essential you always need more of.

Skirts and Shorts

First up in this department is this Tall Midi Skirt with Box Pleats. It's the perfect skirt that you didn't even know you needed. I've never seen a skirt that I can imagine being worn in so many different ways. I would be so easy to both dress up and down, and I can tell over the Spring and Summer I'll end up wearing this way too much. The midi length is so wearable and flattering, and I appreciate that this is available in a Tall size too, as it'll make it the length it's meant to be on me. I just love this skirt, and I'm sure I'll wear it endlessly.

Denim skirts are something I rocked up until about the age of ten, but as of yet have not got back to. Now might just be the time, as this Tall Black High Waisted Denim Skirt looks like just the fit I'd like. Black denim is usually my preference, especially for my bottom half, so this is pretty perfect to be honest. And there's no way to go but high waisted. Definitely going to be trying this one out.

The only pair of shorts I'm liking thus far - I mean, it'll be quite a while before it's long enough to wear them - are these Tall Black Culotte Shorts. Culotte Shorts are 100% my favourite style of shorts,  as they don't cling to my chunkier thighs in the way a denim alternative might, and are nice and light and comfy. High waisted and flattering af, I'm sure I'll be getting these ready for Summer.


I have been desperately trying to find some trousers that aren't jeans that I like on me. So far whenever I've ordered anything it's ended up going straight back, so please cross your fingers for me that at least one of these pairs will fit me right.

The first is actually more of a legging than trouser, which is already promising. They are Tall Premium Leggings with Ruffle Tipped Hems. They're basic, black, ribbed leggings, but instead of a tight ankled hem, they're looser with cute little ruffled tips, which are white to contrast. I'm really hopeful about these, because not only are they cute, but they also look comfy as heck.

The other pair I liked are these Tall Tailored Linen Culottes. Linen is obviously a great material for warmer weather, and I like that these trousers are also fairly tailored whilst still maintaining the looseness and comfort of most culottes. The tie waist would also be super flattering. Definitely going to try these out and boy oh boy do I hope they work for me.


I'm pretty much obsessed with platform trainers right now, so these shoes won't exactly come as a surprise. In fact I have almost this exact pair already in pink. They are Puma Platform Trainers in Black and they are gorgeous. The black suede looks so nice and I love that they're entirely black, rather than having a different colour rubber sole. There's just something about platform trainers that make you legs look so much nicer but without the discomfort of heels. A dream.

A few years ago I had the nicest pair of loafers ever, but I wore them so much that the sole was literally completely ruined and was sadly made of a material that couldn't be replaced (I checked with my local cobbler, trust me). Since then there's been a major whole in my wardrobe and I've been hunting down another pair - one that can be easily fixed if the sole wears. These Vagabond Loafers may just be the pair. They are probably about four times the price of the previous pair I had, but I'm hoping that means they'll be a hell of a lot more durable. They're kind of completely perfect, so you may be seeing more of them in the months to come.


I am a regular gym-goer and I'm probably going to need to update my activewear at some point in the near future. I found these Reebok Black Metallic Leggings and I love them, but they keep going out of stock as soon as they come back in, so I'm going to have to keep an eye on them. They are high waisted and therefore ultimately very flattering, and the finish of them is really nice, adding an little bit of interest without anything too bold.

I also really like these Nike Grey Leggings, with a white band running through the legs. Again, high rise or go home, but these would be a nice change from my typically black and basic leggings. I would be slightly concerned about sweat coming through them, but if you zoom in fully on the website you can see the little ventilation spots - something I love about Nike leggings over any others.

Lastly is a Blue Adidas Jumper, which is definitely not the kind of thing I'd usually go for. I don't mind small logos, but this screams branded, which isn't something I'd usually like, but I think the way the white stripes look with the blue of the jumper is actually really pleasing to look at. Looks like a big comfy sweatshirt, which is perfect for the post-workout grocery shop I often end up doing.


We have finally reached the final category - I can barely believe it, I've been writing this post for hours.

I've potentially finally found a Tall swimsuit that won't leave my boobs hanging out and I have never been so surprised, because I was starting to think this would literally never happen. This Tall Mono Stripe Swimsuit looks like it could be a winner. The vertical stripes are a flattering design and the swimsuit itself doesn't look at all gapey, which is something of a miracle. Not 100% set on white for a swimsuit, but I'll have to order it and see it in person. Fingers Crossed.

Warehouse Bikini Top and Bottoms

Prior to finding this swimsuit, I had been looking at bikinis, because I might have to finally give up the tall swimsuit dream/nightmare and accept my fate. I have never been someone who feels comfortable in a bikini, but I think I may have reached the point where I'm content enough with my appearance to wear one (which is honestly the nicest feeling ever, I can't begin to tell you). I found this Warehouse Frilled Bikini, which is so cute and equally has the kind of low neckline I like. It is bright red, which I mentioned above has never been my thing, but neither have bikinis, so it might be time to break both of those ruts. I love this and I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel wearing it.

So there we go. All the clothes I'm coveting on ASOS at the moment. Though there are some I'm still undecided on, there are certainly some pieces here that will be making up my Spring/Summer wardrobe, and I can't wait to try them out.

Which were your favourite pieces?

Until next time.

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