Friday, 18 January 2019

A year of calm

With the new year well upon us, I thought I'd share my plans for a year of all-encompassing calmness.

For me, this is a year where I just want to relax and see where things take me. I have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on myself and fail to celebrate the small victories in life. So this year, I'm operating on a no pressure basis, in aim of achieving a feeling of calm that I've never truly had.

My main focuses for achieving this are my body, my mind, and my desire to travel.

I feel like a large part of the things we go through in life are related to how we treat our bodies. Your body is the thing that makes you a physical entity; it, literally holds you up. And I think it's important to take this into account when considering the way we treat our bodies. In the past I've been unhappy with mine, because of it's size, shape and physical ability (those darned knees). But, since going to the gym regularly for the past year and a half, I've realised just how wonderful and powerful and strong my body is, and how much I have to thank it for. Now, I love my body, irrespective of the size of my thighs or how my arms jiggle a little. None of that matters because I've finally realised that I have a strong, dependable body that's unlikely to give way under pressure or fail to lift a box.

So this year I'm definitely planning on keeping up with my fitness routine, continuing to go to the gym and get stronger, hopefully only making my body feel better. And when my body is feeling good and well, my mind usually follows suit.

As much as I wouldn't class myself as having any serious mental health problems, I do still struggle sometimes, as do we all. As mentioned, I have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on myself to make lots of progress and be busy achieving, and honestly, I've realised how pointless that pressure is. I've decided to just slow down, for the sake of my mind, and to focus on making things easier for myself by just going with the flow. It is absolutely not necessary to constantly be working on big goals and so many different commitments that you can't keep up with them, so this year I'm focusing on winding down a little and making more down time for my brain to feel calmer. Exercise, like with the body, also does wonders for my mind. It's a time where I can focus entirely on what I'm doing, just for me. Going on a walk or going to the gym just puts me in a really calm mindset that completely separates me from anything else going on in my life. I love my national trust walks, exploring nature and putting myself in a different environment. Which moves me on to my final focus for this year.

During my lifetime I've not had the luxury to travel very much. It wasn't something that was ever in the budget for my family, making it even more special for me now. I'm at a point in my life now where I can afford to go on trips, big or small, where I can disappear and explore something completely new and different to what I'm used to. In the past two years I've been lucky enough to go to New York and Barcelona, and those trips definitely got the wanderlust in me fired up. This year I'm planning to bounce around Europe a little, somewhere I've barely explored at all. My friends and I have some long weekend breaks coming up in Spring and a big group holiday in the summer; I can barely wait to get out of the country for a while and experience new places.

So far, so good. I'm feeling pretty calm despite some big things going on, I'm making time for the gym and moving my body, planning travel and taking time out to relax when I need it.

I'm hoping this truly will be a year of calm.

Until next time.

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